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Texas Coffee News celebrates local merchants. Enjoy a simple, tech free moment and indulge in a nostalgic content experience. No matter your age, you’ll find something in Coffee News® to smile about.

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Advertisers, build your community. Give readers tech free, fun moments to keep them company while they wait.

Love on your hometown. Shop local. Texas Coffee-News is business visibility with a great  content experience.

Weekly contests that give away cool stuff and drive reader engagement. Where’s Wally today?

We Love Coffee News!

“Hey kids, while we’re waiting for our pizza, let’s find Wally!”

We love Coffee News! Where's Wally?

Each of our Coffee News® editions feature family friendly fun and interesting content:

  • Horoscopes
  • Where’s Wally? Contest
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Trivia
  • Did You Know? Fun Facts
  • What’s Happening? Local Events
  • AND special offers from Local Businesses in your community who support Coffee News®! Please be sure to tell them “I saw you in Coffee News®!”

Employee Spotlight:

WallyCoffee News Community Relations Guy
Hi, I’m Wally, aka the Coffee News Guy. I’m responsible for creating hype for our local businesses. It’s also my job each week to play hide and seek with our readers. “Where’s Wally?” our readers ask. If you find me, you can enter our contest and win a great give-away.

I’ve had this job for many years and I never grow tired of introducing readers to the wonderful goods and services of our local restaurants, service businesses and retail stores. Let’s get to know each other. Find me and come back each week for a new game.

I love my job.

Coffee news has always been an enjoyable addition to my fast meal!
R.P. Watkins, Montgomery, TX
Love your news. Enjoyed the story about the man who bought a car with pennies!
V. Bettes, Willis, TX
Just found out about this contest. Wally is very sneaky!
A. Renau, Conroe, TX
We are new to the area and we enjoy Coffee News each week. We enjoy the info and trivia. The ads are helpful to us as newcomers.
S.C. Morris, Shenandoah, TX

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