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Now thru January 31st, pick up a copy of Coffee News to Find Wally and enter the contest for a chance to WIN $100!!!

Winner will be announced in the February Edition!!!


How to win:

  1. Pick up a Texas Coffee News

  2. Find the Coffee News Guy

  3. Enter your answer on our “Where’s Wally” Contest Page

One entry per person per weekly contest. Good luck!

Advertisers, build your community. Give readers tech free, fun moments to keep them company while they wait.

Love on your hometown. Shop local. Texas Coffee-News is business visibility with a great  content experience.

Weekly contests that give away cool stuff and drive reader engagement. Where’s Wally today?

We Love Coffee News!

“Hey kids, while we’re waiting for our pizza, let’s find Wally!”

We love Coffee News! Where's Wally?

Each of our Coffee News® editions feature family friendly fun and interesting content:

  • Horoscopes
  • Where’s Wally? Contest
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Trivia
  • Did You Know? Fun Facts
  • What’s Happening? Local Events
  • AND special offers from Local Businesses in your community who support Coffee News®! Please be sure to tell them “I saw you in Coffee News®!”

Employee Spotlight:

WallyCoffee News Community Relations Guy
Hi, I’m Wally, aka the Coffee News Guy. I’m responsible for creating hype for our local businesses. It’s also my job each week to play hide and seek with our readers. “Where’s Wally?” our readers ask. If you find me, you can enter our contest and win a great give-away.

I’ve had this job for many years and I never grow tired of introducing readers to the wonderful goods and services of our local restaurants, service businesses and retail stores. Let’s get to know each other. Find me and come back each week for a new game.

I love my job.

Coffee news has always been an enjoyable addition to my fast meal! –
R.P. Watkins, Montgomery
R.P. Watkins, Montgomery
Love your news. Enjoyed the story about the man who bought a car with pennies! – V. Bettes, Willis
V. Bettes, Willis
Just found out about this contest. Wally is very sneaky! – A. Renau, Conroe
A. Renau, Conroe
We are new to the area and we enjoy Coffee News each week. We enjoy the info and trivia. The ads are helpful to us as newcomers. – S.C. Morris, Shenandoah
S.C. Morris, Shenandoah, TX
Love reading your paper! The quotes and Did You Know sections are fun and good conversation starters!! – P Justman, Conroe
P Justman, Conroe
Trivia is always interesting.- A. Sabino, Conroe
Alfred Sabino, Conroe
Love this little news letter. Every time I pick one up everybody wants to read it. – P. Mann, Conroe
Pam Mann, Conroe
Love reading the Coffee News! – V. LaBelle, Conroe
V. LaBelle, Conroe
Your newspaper is always full of information and NO fake news! – D. Tallent, Huntsville
D. Tallent
I LOVE reading COFFEE NEWS! – L. Herrington, Trinity
Leota Herrington
Absolutely love Coffee News! Interesting read!!! – T.B. Pool, Hooks
TB Pool
I love the trivia and quotes. – B. Pressler, Visiting Huntsville from Memphis, TN
B Pressler
When I get a chance to go to Huntsville I always try to find the Coffee News. I love reading it… – L. Williams, Trinity
l Williams
We LOVE coffee news!!! We read every issue!!! – T. Yake, Huntsville
T Yake
Love coffee news pick one up every time I see one. – A. Hurley, Huntsville
A Hurley
I love this little gem!!! I look forward to it weekly! – S. Love, Magnolia
S. Love
I love the horoscopes, and the jokes crack me up. – S. Russell, Tomball
S Russell
We always pick it up and read it. – J. Bayless, Hockley
J. Bayless
We love the Coffee News! – C. Jungclaus, Magnolia
C Jungclaus
I love searching for Wally. Thank you for keeping us entertained while we wait on our order. Such fun! – B. Howard, Magnolia
B Howard
My eight year old loves searching for Wally. – S. Custer, The Woodlands
S Custer
Thanks for a great paper! – B. Budnar, Hockley
B Budnar
Absolutely love this little newspaper full of tidbits of info! First thing I do to when I come in the Rancho Grande restaurant doors. – P. Carline, Hockley
P. Carline
This is a fun game. I love reading the Trivia, Quotes and Everybody’s Talking sections. – C. Jones, Spring
C Jones
Love this!!! C. Kinicki, Spring
C Konicki
Thanks for keeping us updated on events in our community. We love Coffee News. – K. Saathoff, Magnolia
Kathy Saathoff
Love your Coffee News. Brings back memories of my Highlight magazine. Two pages of fun reading. – E. Smith, Magnolia
E Smith
So happy to have found Coffee News love it. – D. Coppersmith, Hockley
D Coppersmith
Love Coffee News!! – S. Hebert, Plantersville
S Hebert
I discovered your Coffee News last month and enjoy it all. Thx for being here for us! P. Hewes, Magnolia
P Hewes
I love looking for these… Thank you. – J. Couch, Montgomery
Johnnie Couch
❤️Love this little personal community page ❤️- T. Blanchard, Magnolia
T Blanchard
Love the jokes and the community events. – C. Robertson, Magnolia
C. Robertson
We love love love Coffee News! – P. Jones, Spring
P Jones
It\’s always fun to read and look for Wally. – C. Siragusa, Sealy
C Siragusa
Our whole family reads the Coffee News! – E. Cruthird, The Woodlands
E Cruthird
Love reading the coffee news? My husband and I make a race on who can find Wally first.- S. Cruthird
S. Cruthird
Enjoy the challenge. Thank you! – A. Bowen, Shenandoah
A Bowen
Interesting little paper. – A. Weber, The Woodlands
A Webber
D Lilly
I just love Coffee News- it gives a little humor to my life. – A. Kirkland, Conroe
A Kirkland
I love reading Coffee News– I always pick it up when I see it. – I. DiRosa, Spring
I DiRosa
So Fun to get these!! – W. Pinson, Houston (visiting The Woodlands)
W Pinson
Love this fun paper!!! – H. Carnell, Montgomery
H Carness
Love the paper. – S.R. Woodard, Ft. Worth (visiting The Woodlands)
SR Woodard
My husband and I enjoy the talking facts and Trivia discussion in the car when leaving the restaurant. We also appreciate the advertisers and will use some of them when in need. – B. Hickman, The Woodlands
B Hickman
We love Coffee News!!! – T. Sabir, Houston (visiting The Woodlands
T Sabir
Enjoy reading news and looking for Wally. Only paper I read every ad. – T. Orwig, The Woodlands
T Orwig
Love The Coffee News! There is always something fun and interesting! – M. Gomez, Conroe
M Gomez
I absolutely love this paper!! – A. Nephew, Conroe
A Nephew
Love to read the Coffee News. Pick it up and read the articles over lunch or dinner. – S. Donnelly, Spring
S Donnelly
Keep up the great work! – C. Claxton, Spring
C Claxton
Nice to have this to read while waiting at the Dr. office!!! – G. McClure, New Waverly
G McClure
Fun and interesting news letter. – B. Brooks, Spring
B Brooks
Always fun to search for this little guy. – F. Draeger, Shenandoah
F Draeger
I’ve been looking for this little guy for a very long time, and, poof, there he was!! – M. Smetana, The Woodlands
M Smetana
My son and I really enjoy looking for Wally, reading all the different information and the funny jokes. Plus we learn about businesses to go to. – R. Bates, Conroe
R. Bates
Look forward every week to reading the news & always learning new facts. – M. Rook, Conroe
M Rook
Love the Did You Know section! – J. Pickering, Conroe
J Pickering
We have races to find Wally any time we find your paper. – T. Reeves, Conroe
T Reeves
This game is really fun. It’s got me going out to dinner once a week. – A. Sage, Conroe
A Sage
My husband enjoy your News so very much. Please keep it coming. – P. Fisher, Conroe
P Fisher
Love this newsletter!!! Look for it wherever we go. Fun facts! – P. Solly, Willis
P Solly
Great Magazine, I pick it up every chance I can and I like to read the jokes and quiz my friends. – D. Joplin, Conroe
D Joplin

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